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Release: July 2010

Town Quay Park 70th Anniversary Tuesday 30th November

30th November 2010 is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Southampton in1940 that cleared the area which is known today as Town Quay Park.

Set in the heart of the old medieval city of Southampton the park is a wonderful blend of gardens and open space, ancient and modern history and views of ship and port workings. It is a garden for many local residents.

In November The Friends of Town Quay Park are organising a special commemorative service for those people killed in the bombing during the war and the sad deaths of those who drowned in the medieval vaults that acted as air raid shelters.


Town Quay Park lies between the Maritime Museum and the High Street (map) in the medieval heart of old Southampton.


In Medieval times the area was a bustling part of the city with cellars and warehouses which can still be seen today. Historical links with the Huguenots are still maintained today with an area of the park set aside as a Huguenot garden. The park is also a strong reminder of the devastation of WWII.

Friends of Town Quay Park:

The Friends of Town Quay Park (FTQP) was set up in 2010 in response to local residents protest at a notice for development of the area.

FTQP has two goals: to preserve the park and to improve it for residents, visitors and future generations.

The anniversary of the bombing of the park is just one of a number of events FTQP have organized to promote the danger to the park and expand the use of the park.

In May 2010 FTQP submitted an application to Southampton City Council requesting that Town Quay Park be granted Town Green status.

For more information please contact: Chris Dyer


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