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Why people love Town Quay Park!

"It’s a lovely place to sit and view the water especially in summer."

“It’s one of the few places you can be close to the sea and sky”

“There’s always something to look at – people use it for lunch, sunbathing in summer”

“It’s a sunny place to sit, enjoy the garden and read the paper. There is very little peaceful space in the local area”.

“We need open spaces to allow us to breathe”

“It’s the only green grass I have!”

“It’s my garden. I have my lunch there, I read, I use the rosemary for Sunday roasts”.

“My children and I, and now my grandchildren, have used the Park for over 50 years. We want it and need it”.

“It’s a lovely open space which I can use any time I need without taking a taxi or getting a car to drive me”.


Improving Town Quay Park

Why we love the park

Why we love the park

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The story of Town Quay Park
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